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DAS Cabling Solutions

A well laid out DAS network can support a network as it scales over time. With the introduction of 5G and the growing capacity soon to be had it is important to make sure your DAS network is futureproofed with low PIM cables that will consistently deliver reliable power and signal. A hybrid DAS system that uses fiber optic cables to actively connect remote nodes to a power source and also utilizes the signal flow similar in passive DAS systems is your best setup ahead of 5G especially for larger buildings with significant RF signal loss. Also, a hybrid DAS system can be more cost-effective than an active DAS system and cover a larger service area.

Custom Das Cabling Solutions

Allied Wire & Cable has plenum rated fiber cables capable of providing 5G bandwidth capacity for hybrid DAS enterprise-level networks. When deploying a new DAS network or updating a current DAS Backbone network be sure to call Allied Wire & Cable for 5G ready DAS rated fiber cable, hybrid cables and DAS rated Coax Cables.

Contact our 5G division today to learn more about our Low PIM DAS cables and how we can help you set up your DAS network. 

For more information or any questions that you may have, call our 5G division at 833-836-7727.