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Environmentally Friendly Hook Up Wire

Environmentally Friendly Hook Up Wire is now available from Allied Wire & Cable. Products such as Alpha EcoWire and Alpha EcoWire Plus are suitable as an environmentally friendly cable alternative to standard hook up wire. Alpha EcoWire and Alpha EcoWire Plus do not contain heavy metals or halogens and are fully recyclable. Because they do not contain halogens, they are not only better for the environment, but they are also a safer option in case of a fire. Standard cables with halogens release toxic gases when burned, but with these environmentally friendly cables, that is not a concern. Alpha EcoWire and Alpha EcoWire Plus are RoHS, REACH and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliant.

Click on the product specifications below to learn more about Alpha EcoWire and Alpha EcoWire Plus.

Alpha EcoWire and Alpha EcoWire Plus feature mPPE insulation. This high dielectric strength insulation allows for a thinner wall and a smaller cable, saving significant space and weight. This smaller, lighter construction also makes routing easier. Alpha EcoWire and Alpha EcoWire Plus offer great abrasion resistance; about 10 times more than PVC.

Standard EcoWire meets UL 11028 and CSA standards. It is built with a tinned copper conductor and has a voltage rating of 600V. Alpha EcoWire is designed to be a "green" environmentally friendly cable replacement for PVC wire.

Alpha EcoWire Plus is CE and ISO 6722 (ultra thin wall/thin wall) approved. Although the ISO 6722 standard is a European automotive standard, it is becoming more prevalent in North America. ISO 6722 Wire is beginning to replace SAE J1128 Wire and is being incorporated into new product lines by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. This environmentally friendly cable has an ISO 6722 voltage rating of 60V and a general voltage rating of 300V. Its conductor is made of stranded bare copper. Alpha EcoWire Plus is a good thin-wall replacement for XLPE wire, so long as the application is within EcoWire Plus's voltage and temperature ratings.

As an added bonus, EcoWire Plus offers a lot of options for the European market. It is available in 17 and 15 AWG sizes, in addition to the standard AWG sizes. Wires 22 AWG and larger are also printed with their metric gauge size (if applicable). Finally, Alpha EcoWire Plus meets the European Community End of Life Vehicles (ELV) initiative, designed to reduce the waste and environmental impact from end-of-life vehicles.

The biggest difference between these two types of environmentally friendly cables from Alpha is resistance to fluids. Compared to EcoWire, EcoWire Plus is designed for more industrial applications, so it provides excellent resistance to oils, fuels, chemicals and solvents.

Both types of Alpha EcoWire environmentally friendly cable are available in a wide range of colors, including white, black, red, brown, green, blue, yellow, orange and green/yellow. The standard environmentally friendly cable is available in slate and violet as well.

Want to see more environmentally friendly cable options? Allied also carries solar cable and wind power cable. If you can't find the EcoWire, EcoWire Plus or other "green" cable you are looking for, call one of our sales representatives today.