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MIL-C-24643 Low Smoke Shipboard Cable

Mil-C-24643 Shipboard Cable from Allied Wire & Cable is a low weight, low smoke shipboard cable that also does not emit toxic fumes when burned. These considerations make Mil-C-24643 shipboard cable the safest of the military's different shipboard cable specification. No asbestos, mercury or any other material that gives off excessive toxic fumes as measured by the military toxicity index can be used to manufacture the cable.

There are 11 different types of Mil-C-24643 shipboard cable, broken down between watertight and non-watertight and flexing and non-flexing. Between these distinctions, there are power, control and lighting cables, electronic, communication and instrumentation cables, and special purpose cables.

Each type of Mil-C-24643 shipboard cable is given a title that begins with the letters LS, for Low Smoke. Some of these types then have a variant carrying an “A” on the end, which stands for “armored.” There is also a variant carrying an “S” on the end, which stands for “s