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MIL-DTL-49055 Ribbon Cable

M49055 Ribbon Cable is part of Allied Wire and Cable’s extensive stock of MIL-Spec Wire and Cable. All of these products have undergone strict government-authorized product testing and have been approved for military, government, or civilian use.

Ribbon Cable is known for its wide, flat construction. This design is ideal for applications requiring cables with minimal bulk and weight. Consider flat cable for installations with limited space. Just remember that these cables are not highly flexible so they may only be used in straight-run applications.

M49055 Ribbon Cable is a high temperature wire (200°C) that is FEP insulated. It offers good chemical resistance and environmental stability, is non-combustible, and is often used in ground, and shipboard applications.

Allied Wire & Cable is dedicated to offering only the highest quality products, and our wide selection of MIL-Spec wire and cable contains the most durable and dependable products available. Additionally, they can all be customized to meet your specific needs.

Do you have questions about M49055 Cable or any other MIL-Spec product? Visit our MIL-Spec Cable FAQ Page.

For non-mil-spec product options, visit the Ribbon Cable section of our online catalog.