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Solar Cables & Wind Turbine Cables

Solar Cables & Wind Turbine Cables

Solar Cables and Wind Cable

Allied Wire & Cable's line of Solar Cables & Wind Farm Cables consists of WTTC rated Wind Farm Cables, Solar Cables, and Alpha's EcoWire™, an environmentally friendly cable alternative to PVC hook-up wire. Designed as green energy cables, these solar cables, wind farm cables, and other environmentally friendly cable options are designed to perform to the highest standards in environmentally friendly cable applications.

Solar Cables

Solar cables are part of our green energy cable inventory. Solar cables such as Photovoltaic Wire (PV Wire) and USE-2 Solar Cables are used as wiring for solar panels and photovoltaic arrays. Solar cables may also be used with underground service entrances and to connect solar cable service terminals. USE-2 solar cables are crush and impact resistant, but PV Wire has thicker insulation and jacketing, and is more sunlight, ozone, and UV resistant. PV Wire is also more flame resistant and more flexible at low temperatures than USE-2. PV Wire can be used in ungrounded or grounded photovoltaic arrays, but USE-2 Solar Cables may only be used in grounded solar cable arrays. USE-2 Solar Cables have been used for a long time, but PV wire is a relatively new addition to the world of solar cables. PV Wire first appeared in the 2008 NEC.

THHN wires are also sometimes used as solar cables in environmentally friendly cable applications. THHN is less expensive than other solar cables, but should never be used where USE-2 Solar Cables or Photovoltaic Wire are specified. Although it can be used in some of the same applications as solar cables, it doesn't have the added construction strength of more specialized solar cables.

To learn more about solar cables, read our Solar Cable FAQ.

Wind Farm Cable

Wind farm cables are green energy cables used in wind turbine cable applications. All of Allied's wind farm cables are rated WTTC cable. Wind farm cables are designed to endure challenging wind farm cable environments. Wind farm cables are flexible and easy to install. Wind farm cables are also resistant to oils, chemicals, fuels, solvents, and abrasion. As environmentally friendly cables, wind farm cables are recyclable. Allied's wind farm cables are made in the U.S.

From Megaflex Wind Farm Cables to Standard Flex Wind Farm Cables, WTTC VFD Wind Farm Cables, and everything in between, Allied has the wind farm cable you need for your environmentally friendly cable application.

Environmentally Friendly Cable - Ecowire™

EcoWire™ is environmentally friendly cable that can replace typical PVC hook-up wire. The mPPE insulation is more durable, lighter and has a much smaller diameter than PVC because of its better dielectric strength.

EcoWire meets both RoHS and WEEE requirements. The mPPE is green friendly because it degrades over time and is recyclable. Ecowire contains no halogens or other hazardous materials, making it even more environmentally friendly cable. Ecowire also has a great operating temperature range and is flame resistant.

Can't find the wind farm cables, solar cables, or other environmentally friendly cables you need? Call an Allied representative at 800-472-4655 to learn more about what we have to offer in solar cables, wind farm cables, and other gr