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RRU Components

Cell sites that are utilizing a distributed base station approach ahead of the 5G network are using remote radio units (RRU) or remote radio heads (RRH) at the top of RF units. This new system where the RRU is located in an enclosure at the top of an RF antenna requires a more efficient way to transfer data and power between the RRU and the base station. Fiber optic cable has increasingly become the go-to for this new type of installation. Fiber optic cable provides less loss and can handle more data then long runs of coax cable which have traditionally been used. 

Custom RRU Cabling Solutions

Fiber optic cable is the alternative for getting more data out of an RRU but can leave installers looking for an appropriate RRU power cable. Allied Wire & Cable has custom hybrid fiber cables that can deliver power and data transfer from remote radio units at the top of an antenna to the base station with less loss then traditional coax applications and our hybrid fiber cables require fewer attachment points because you are running fiber and power through a single cable application.

Contact one of our 5G upgrade specialists today for more information on our custom RRU cabling solutions. 

For more information or any questions that you may have, call our 5G division at 833-836-7727.