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PVC Single Pair Shielded Thermocouple Wire

PVC Single Pair Shielded Thermocouple Wire is part of Allied’s line of high temperature wire. These wires are constructed with an aluminum-polyester tape shielded alloy conductor surrounded by PVC insulation, which is color coded to ANSI standards. Shielded thermocouple wire can withstand extreme temperatures and may be used in applications susceptible to electrostatic noise or interference. The PVC insulation is rated up to 105°C and displays good dielectric and mechanical strength, flexibility, and resistance to water, abrasion, oil, and chemicals. This thermocouple Wire is rated for use in cable trays and direct burial applications.

PVC Single Pair Shielded Thermocouple Wire is available in six different types of extension alloys: KX (Chromel/Alumel), JX (Iron/Constantan), EX (Chromel/Constantan), TX (Copper/Constantan), RSX (Copper/Alloy II), and NX (Nicrosil/Nisil). These cables are available in solid and stranded versions. All feature PVC insulation which offers resistance to water, oil, chemicals, and abrasion, as well as good dielectric strength and flexibility. They are flame retardant and rated for direct burial use and installation in cable tray conduit. Type KX shielded PVC thermocouple cable is a general use cable and is therefore the least expensive.