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Solar Power Cable

Solar Power Cable

Wiring for Solar Panels

Solar Power Cables are part of Allied Wire & Cable's stock of green energy cables. Solar Power Cables such as USE-2 and Photovoltaic (PV) Wire are used as wiring for solar panels, underground service entrances, and service terminal connections.

Our XLPE Solar Photovoltaic Wire consists of an insulated, non-integrally jacketed single conductor. PV solar panel cable is sunlight resistant and rated for 90°C wet or dry with a voltage rating of 600V. This type of solar cable is used for the interconnection wiring for solar panels in both grounded and ungrounded photovoltaic power systems. We offer PV solar panel cable in several other constructions and materials as well, to meet all of your solar panel wiring needs. XLPE, double jacketed, aluminum conductor, and low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) solar panel cables are all available from Allied. Click on the links above to see specs.

USE-2 Solar Wire is used in grounded PV systems only. These solar power cables are crush and impact resistant, but Photovoltaic Wire beats USE-2 Cable in low temperature flexibility, sunlight resistance, and flame resistance. Photovoltaic Wiring for solar panels also has a thicker jacket and thicker insulation than USE-2 Solar Power Cable.

THHN Wire is used in many industries and can be used for solar cable applications, but it should never be used where Photovoltaic Wiring for solar panels or USE-2 Solar Panel Cables are specified. If used in these applications, THHN could fail because it doesn't have the additional strengths of more specialized solar power cables, such as USE-2 Solar Panel Cable and Photovoltaic Wire.

Customize your wiring for solar panels with Allied's value-added services. For Photovoltaic Wire, THHN, and USE-2 Solar Panel Cable, we offer custom printing and striping. Cut & strip and twisting are also available for THHN. Learn more about our value-added services for solar panel cable here.

Still have questions about wiring for solar panels or solar panel cables? Visit our Solar Power Cable FAQ.

Watch our short solar cable video to learn about the differences between PV wire and USE-2 wire.

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