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PVC Thermocouple Wire

PVC thermocouple wire is part of Allied's wide-ranging line of temperature measuring wire. Our PVC thermocouple wire possesses a flame retardant PVC jacket, providing good dielectric mechanical strength, that helps make a premier high temperature wire.

Several thermocouple types make up thermocouple wire. Included in our inventory of PVC thermocouple wire are Type T thermocouple and Type K thermocouple. Type K thermocouple is comprised of chromel and alumel, while Type T thermocouple consists of copper and constantan. Type K thermocouple and Type T thermocouple, like most combinations of assorted alloys, react differently to temperature variations and can therefore be used in different high temperature cable applications. Type K thermocouple, the most popular thermocuple, is low cost and offered in a wide assortment of probes. Type T thermocouple is widely used for applications such as electrical generators. Type K thermocouple and Type T thermocouple can even be customized for your specific high temperature cable requirements.

PVC insulation benefits the lifespan, usage, and even organization of thermocouple wire and other high temperature cable. In thermocouple wires, the insulation exhibits excellent resistance to outside forces including weather, oil, liquids and chemicals. By protecting and maintaining thermocouple wire, the insulation elongates the life of the product. The insulation used on the high temperature cable is usually color coded, which makes for easy identification.

Allied Wire's thermocouple high temperature cable keeps everyone coming back for more. Our supply of PVC Thermocouple Wire-Single Pair 105°C and PVC Multi-Pair Thermocouple Wire 105°C are stocked in an array of configurations to help meet various requirements for thermocouple wire. PVC Single Pair Thermocouple Wire is rated for use in cable tray conduit or direct burial applications. PVC Multi-Pair Thermocouple Wire may be used in the transmission of telephone or other signals. Both types of high temperature cable meet and exceed industry standards.

See PVC Thermocouple-Single Pair and PVC Multi Pair for a full listing of type T thermocouple, type K thermocouple and other PVC thermocouples.

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