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Torsion Cable

Torsion Cable is part of AWC's stock of flexible control and automation cables, robot cables, and track cables. Torsion cable is used to transmit control signals and power for high-speed, heavy-duty automated applications. Torsion cables are made to be twisted without sustaining damage. The twisting ability makes torsion cable work great for robot cable and track cable applications.

Torsion cable, such as Halogen Free Track Cable / Robot Cable transmits power and control signals to welding robots, rotary tables, and other automated applications. Halogen Free Spiral Shielded Robot Cable and Track Cable works in similar applications, but includes a tinned copper spiral shield to limit electrical interference and EMI emissions. Twisting and torsional connection cable holds up against twisting and bending and is used in transportation vehicles and locomotives.

There are three basic types of torsion cables:

Torsional Data Cables:
Data cables used for industrial applications with medium mechanical stress

Torsional Control Cables:
Control cables used for industrial applications with medium mechanical stress

Hybrid Torsional Cables:
Connection cables used for industrial applications with medium mechanical stress; great for continuous twisting and bending



These torsion cables are high quality to last in challenging robot cable and track cable applications. Track cable and robot cable must withstand twisting and other physical hazards associated with track cable and robot cable applications. Common Robot Cable applications include manufacturing, industrial, and other automated equipment. Track Cable is safe for use in cable tracks which can sometimes rub and wear less-sturdy cable.



Torsion cable can be used in wet or dry conditions and in low temperatures. It is also available in safer, environmentally-friendly halogen-free torsion cable versions.

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