The 15 Multi-Conductor Reduced Diameter Cable is suitable for use in confined spaces of transit vehicles. It is flexible and resistant to flame, crush, oil, and moisture. This cable is low-smoke and exhibits superior mechanical properties. It has a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C and a 600V voltage rating.

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Exane 15 Multi-Conductor Reduced Diameter Cable Specifications

15 Multi-Conductor Cable Construction:

  • Conductor: Tinned copper
  • Insulation: Cross-Linked Polyolefin (XLPO)
  • Jacket: Cross-Linked Modified Fluoropolymer
  • Options: Stock color of reduced diameter cable is dark gray; striping available

15 Multi-Conductor Cable Ratings and Approvals:

  • Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
  • Voltage Rating: 600V
  • RSCC DAC 1168B
  • UL VW-1 Flame Test
  • IEEE 1202 Flame Test