Our XLPE Tray Cable is suitable for use in direct bural and underground duct VFD applications. It may be used to connect variable frequency control devices to variable frequency motors in raceways and outdoor locations where supported by a messenger wire. This cable is permitted for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations and Class 1 circuits. This cable features XLPE insulation and a bare copper tape shield. It is also sunlight and moisture resistant.

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Type TC XLPE VFD Tray Cable Specifications

XLPE VFD Cable Construction:

  • Conductor: Annealed bare copper strands per ASTM B-3 and B-8
  • Insulation: Special formulated Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)
  • Color Code: Black conductors with numbers with three ground wires
  • Stranding: In layers
  • Screen: 5 mil bare copper tape shield with an overlap of 50%
  • Jacket Material: Special sunlight resistant and flame retardant Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
  • Jacket Color: Black

XLPE VFD Cable Technical Data:

  • Voltage: 2000 V (UL)
  • Testing Voltage:
    • Conductor/conductor: 7500 V
    • Conductor/screen: 3000 V
  • Temperature Range:
    • (UL): up to 90°C
    • Static: -25°C
  • Burning Characteristics: (UL) FT4 / IEEE 1202 

XLPE VFD Cable Approvals:

  • RHH or RHW-2: UL Standard 44
  • TC: UL Standard 1277
  • Type TC-ER
  • IEEE 1202/FT4