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MIL-C-55021 | NEMA WC 55021

Mil-C-55021 Cable

M55021 Cable

MIL-C-55021 Wire (M55021 Wire)
MIL Spec Wire

NEMA WC 55021

MIL-C-55021 MIL Spec Wire Applications:

The MIL-DTL-55021C covers electrical cables consisting of unshielded and unjacketed, shielded, jacketed, or shielded and jacketed twisted pairs and triples, and shielded or shielded and jacketed singles. The cable is intended for internal wiring of electrical equipment for applications of -40°C to +105°C (M55021/1) and -65°C to +200°C (M55021/2). Cables constructed with PVC insulation or jackets are not to be used in aerospace applications.

M55021 Cable Make Up

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    Length (ft.):
    Part Number

    Section 1: Wire Type

    Letter Wire Specification Letter Wire Specification
    B M16878/1 EE NEMA HP3 (M16878/5)
    C M16878/2 BJ M16878/17
    D M16878/3 CJ M16878/18
    E NEMA HP3 (M16878/4) DJ M16878/19

    Section 2: Conductor Size and Stranding

    Conductor Size Stranding
    26 AWG - 30 AWG 7 Strands
    12 AWG - 24 AWG 19 Strands
    10 AWG 37 Strands

    Section 3: Conductor Material

    Conductor Code Conductor Type
    C Annealed Copper
    S Copper Clad Steel
    H High Strength Copper Alloy

    Section 4: Color Code

    The first color in the series is the base color of the wire. Second and third colors indicate stripes. The color code designators for wires 2 and 3 represent a twisted pair or triplet, respectively, and are separated by a dash. For single shielded and single shielded and jacketed constructions, a dash would not be used.

    Code Color Code Color
    0 Black 5 Green
    1 Brown 6 Blue
    2 Red 7 Violet
    3 Orange 8 Gray
    4 Yellow 9 White

    Section 5: Covering over Component Wire(s)

    Letter Covering Letter Covering
    U Unjacketed and unshielded S Shielded and unjacketed
    P Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Jacket SP Shielded and covered with PVC Jacket
    F Fluorinatedethylenepropylene (FEP) Jacket SF Shielded and covered with FEP Jacket
    J Polyamide Jacket SJ Shielded and covered with Polyamide Jacket
    T Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Jacket STW Shielded and covered with wrapped PTFE Jacket
        STX Shielded and covered with extruded PTFE Jacket

    Section 6: Identfication Method

    Market Tape under the shield or jacket of any of the wires for unjacketed cables. Print indicated Military Specification number, manufacturer's CAGE number, type of designation and year of manufacture.