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RG142 Cable

RG142 Coaxial Cable

Electrical Specifications:

  • Maximum Operating Voltage (vms): 1,900
  • Capacitance : 29.4 (pF/ft)
  • Impedance: 50 +/-2 ohms
  • Maximum Operating Voltage (pF/m): 1,900 volts
  • Maximum Operating Frequency: 8000 MHz
  • RF Shielding, dB : 90
  • Velocity of Propagation: 69.21%
  • Shielding efficacy: 1GHz(dB/ft) >60
  • Mil Spec Equivalent: M17/60-RG142

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Attenuation Specifications by Frequency :

The rg142 loss is widely accepted at HF frequencies. Because it is constructed with a silver plated outer conductor this prevents oxidation of the conductor which decreases loss vs time.

Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (db per 100 feet)
10 1.2
30 2.1
50 2.7
100 4
400 8
1000 13
1500 16
2000 19
2500 21
3000 24
10000 49
k1 0.368
k2 0.00120

Power Handling by Frequency

The rg142 has first-rate power handling capabilities due to the solid dielectric materials.

Frequency (MHz) Power (watts)
10 5601
30 3206
50 2468
100 1726
400 831
1000 504
1500 401
2000 340
2500 298
3000 267
10000 125


Other power and rg142 loss characteristics :

Maximum Frequency (MHz) 8000
Zo (ohms) 50
DC Resistance (ohms/1000ft) Center : 19.1 |  Outer 2.22
Power (w) 400 MHz 1100


Mechanical & Construction Specifications

Minimum Operating Temperature-55°C
Maximum Operating Temperature200°C                                                               

Overall Diameter (in.) : 0.195

Inner Conductor : 

Material : Silver-coated Copper Clad Steel (SCCS)
Diameter (in.) 0.037
Diameter (mm.) 0.94
RG142 Coax DiagramDielectric :
Material : Extruded Solid Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Diameter (in.) 0.116
Diameter (mm.) 2.95

Shields :

Count : 2
Material : 36 Silver Plated Copper
Diameter (in.) 0.162
Diameter (mm.) 4.11

Jacket :

Material : Extruded Solid Polytetrafluoroethylene (FEP-IX)
Diameter (in.) 0.195
Diameter (mm.) 4.95


Weight :

lb/ft 0.043
mm 0.064


What is the rg142?

The rg142 is a preferred, high temperature coax cable used in interconnections between telecommunications equipment and is widely used for commercial wireless applications. It also works very well in sensitive environments with minimal space such as avionic bays. Specific applications of the rg142 include radarGPS, and medical systems. Because it is approved for direct burial, the rg142 can be implemented in sophisticated underground connections while still holding a good shielding effectiveness. Due to the high reliability and standardized production of the rg142, it has been used for over 5 decades.

Use in the military

The rg142 was specifically built for the United States Military in the World War II era. It has a military equivalent part number of M17/60-RG142. This part number gives the United States Military an excellent option to use the highly reliable rg142 in their satellites, systems, and other tactical operations and equipment. Because of the obvious importance in these cables, the military requires them to have minimum and maximum dielectric adhesion values, specific shrinkback allowance, eccentricity standardizations, stress crack resistance tests, and many more specifications that add to the durability and reliability of the rg142.  All trusted manufacturers will produce the same high quality rg142 because of its high QPL, which demands stability and rigidity in the testing and construction of specs and authenticity. 

Benefits of the rg142

In addition to meeting all Mil-C-17 specifications the rg142 has a fair attenuation rate. Because of its Low Passive Intermod (PIM) degradation of signal quality is kept to a minimum. Not only does the rg142 have a good shielding effectiveness (between 40 and 60 db) it also utilizes standard connectors, so proprietary or exotic pieces are not required to build its infrastructure. Since the rg142 is made with a solid dielectric this allows a high rate of crush resistance, which makes it the coax of choice for tactical operations and applications. Even though the rg142 isn't your most phase stable wire, the phase stability can be enhanced through preconditioning in the specific temperature ranges of your project.

              RG142 Coax Diagram












Selling on the go? Take the RG142 datasheet anywhere :

PDF of RG142 Specs   Download  the printable RG142 datasheet from Allied Wire & Cable

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Please Note : Per specification, the RG142 will have splices. If continuous lengths are needed, just let our representative know.

Part Number Nom. Dia. of Cond.Dielectric (in)Nom. O.D. (in)Nom. Imp.Nom. Cap. (pF/ft)Approx LBS/MFTConductor Stranding
RG142 0.0359 0.116 0.195 50.0 29.4 43 Solid