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Type SVT Cable

SVT Cable

Type SVT Cable

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    60°C 300 VOLT UL/CSA

    SVT Cable Applications:

    • SVT Cable is designed for use with vacuum cleaners, food processors and office equipment.

    SVT Cable Construction:

    • Conductor: Bunch stranded uncoated annealed copper conforming to UL requirements.
    • Insulation: Polyvinylchloride (PVC) conforming to UL Class 43 thermoplastic per UL Standard 1581.
    • Color Code: Black, White, and Green.
    • Assembly: The insulated conductors cabled with fillers, as necessary, to form a round cable. A paper separator is applied over the cabled core.
    • Overall Jacket: polyvinylchloride (PVC) conforming to UL Class 43 thermoplastic per UL Standard 1581. VW-1 rating and/or other jacket colors are available upon request.
    • Jacket Color: Available in Black, White, or Gray

    SVT Cable Features:

    • Resists Oils, Water, Acids, Alkalies, Ozone.

    Part Number No. of Cond.Conductor StrandingAWG SizeNom. Insul. Thick. (in)Nom. O.D. of Cable (in)Approx LBS/MFT
    SVT 18/2 2 41/.0063 18 0.030 0.230 35
    SVT 18/3 3 41/.0063 18 0.030 0.240 40