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Marine Shipboard Cable

Marine Wire, Boat Cable & Shipboard Cable

Marine Shipboard Cable

LSZH Shipboard Cable

Marine Shipboard Cable from Allied Wire & Cable is part of our line of Marine Wire & Boat Cable. A marine shipboard cable is any cable meant for use aboard a ship or marine vessel. This can include ocean drilling rigs, submarines, cruise ships and naval vessels. Available in three different configurations, our marine shipboard cable is also mil-spec compliant. 

Mil-C-915 Marine Shipboard Cable is the general type of shipboard cable, whereas Mil-C-24640 is a light-weight, low-smoke marine shipboard cable meant for higher safety precautions. Mil-C-24640 can help reduce overall weight on marine vessels, making the ship safer for all onboard.

Mil-C-24643 Marine Shipboard Cable is the newest configuration of the three, and it was created to greater address the safety precautions necessary for shipboard applications. In addition to being low smoke like Mil-C-24640, it does not emit toxic fumes when burned due to the zero-halogen jacket. However, it also differs from Mil-C-24640 in that it is not a lightweight cable.