The M915 is a general Shipboard Cable that is part of Allied Wire and Cable’s line of Mil-Spec cable. The MIL-C-915 line of cables is a military specification designed for communications, control, electronic, lighting, instrumentation, welding, and power applications that must follow strict military standards. It is one of the three shipboard cables currently in use by the military and is available in flexing and non-flexing variations. However, the M915 cable is not low-smoke and non-toxic when burned like the other two Mil-Spec shipboard cables that we carry. 

We stock a variety of M915 slants ranging from 1 to 79. These slants come in multi-conductor and multi-paired options as well as, watertight and non-watertight, armored, unarmored, shielded, and unshielded variations. Depending on the conductor count, these cables meet different military specifications and have many different applications. The many uses of these cables include naval telecom/telephone and circuit applications and naval sonar and hydrophone applications for submersible cables in addition to those listed above.