Computer Cables are part of Allied Wire and Cable’s extensive stock of Data Communications Cables. They are available in a variety of constructions to meet the needs of any application. Multi-conductor foil shield models, multi-paired foil/braid shield models, and low-capacitance individually foil shielded models are just a few of the many options Allied supplies. For full product specifications, click the links listed below.

In today’s electronic world, data cables are vital and are constantly being updated to follow the newest advances in technology. Computer applications require extremely flexible cables with very small cross-sections and the best shielding available. For most computer cables and their applications, noise rejection is critical. Allied offers cables with a wide range of shielding options to account for these needs. From foil and braid shielded cable to individually foil shielded computer cable, Allied supplies the shielded cable you need for clean data transmission.

Common applications for computer cables include Ethernet, voice, and networking systems, as well as control circuits, computer interconnections, data transmissions, intercom systems, and industrial equipment controls. Because these cables are generally very flexible, they may be used in fixed installations, free-moving applications, and wet or dry conditions.

Computer Cables are designed for indoor use only.