Unshielded Multi-Conductor Communication Cable—Stranded

This communication cable meets many UL Styles. The tinned copper conductor provides excellent corrosion resistance and excellent electrical properties. This is also easy to terminate and assists soldering applications. This cable is suitable for use in EIA RS-232 applications, internal telephones, remote control circuits, public address systems, intercoms, and more.

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  • 102402
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • AWG Size: 24
    • Cond. Material: Tinned Copper
    • Conductor Stranding: 7/32
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Unshielded Stranded Multi-Conductor Communication Cable Specifications

Unshielded Multi-Conductor Cable (Stranded) Construction

  • Conductor: Fully annealed stranded tinned copper per ASTM B-33
  • Insulation:
    • 22-24 AWG: Premium grade, color-coded SR-PVC
    • 12-18 AWG: Premium grade, color-coded PVC
    • Color Code Chart #1
      Wire Color Wire Color Wire Color
      1st Black 5th Brown 9th Violet
      2nd White 6th Blue 10th Gray
      3rd Red 7th Orange 11th Pink
      4th Green 8th Yellow 12th Tan
    • Color Code Chart #2
      Wire Color Wire Color Wire Color
      1st Black 18th Orange/Red 35th White/Red/Orange
      2nd White 19th Blue/Red 36th Orange/White/Blue
      3rd Red 20th Red/Green 37th White/Red/Blue
      4th Green 21st Orange/Green 38th Black/White/Green
      5th Orange 22nd Black/White/Red 39th White/Black/Green
      6th Blue 23rd White/Black/Red 40th Red/White/Green
      7th White/Black 24th Red/Black/White 41st Green/White/Black
      8th Red/Black 25th Green/Black/White 42nd Orange/Red/Green
      9th Green/Black 26th Orange/Black/White 43rd Blue/Red/Green
      10th Orange/Black 27th Blue/Black/White 44th Black/White/Blue
      11th Blue/Black 28th Black/Red/Green 45th White/Black/Blue
      12th Black/White 29th White/Red/Green 46th Red/White/Blue
      13th Red/White 30th Red/Black/Green 47th Green/Orange/Red
      14th Green/White 31st Green/Black/Orange 48th Orange/Red/Blue
      15th Blue/White 32nd Orange/Black/Green 49th Blue/Orange/Red
      16th Black/Red 33rd Blue/White/Orange 50th Black/Orange/Red
      17th White/Red 34th Black/White/Orange    
  • Jacket: Grey PVC

Unshielded Multi-Conductor Cable (Stranded) Approvals:

  • NEC Article 800 Type CM (UL: 75°C)
  • NEC Article 725 Type CL3 (UL: 75°C) (16-12 AWG)
  • UL 2464 (UL: 80°C, 300 Volts)
  • UL 2587 (UL: 90°C, 600 Volts) (16-12 AWG)
  • UL 2576 (UL: 80°C, 150V) (24-18 AWG)
  • CSA CMG (CSA: 80°C) (22 AWG)
  • CSA CMG (CSA: 60°C) (24, 20-12 AWG)
  • Passes UL 70,000 Btu Vertical Tray Flame Test
  • Passes CSA CMG Flame Test
  • Temperature range: -20°C to + 80°C

*See individual part specifications for exact industry approvals.