Our junior service cord types include SJ, SJO, SJOW, SJOOW, and SJEOOW cords. However, SJOOW has superseded all junior service cord types. Any SJ, SJO, and SJOW RFQs will be quoted as SJOOW Cable. These junior service portable cords have a voltage rating of 300V. All of these portable power cables feature EPDM insulation, except for the SJEOOW cord which features TPE insulation. Outer Jacket materials for these flexible cords include Rubber, Neoprene, CPE, and TPE.

We also offer SO, SOOW, and SEOW cords. SO power cord features EPDM insulation and a TPE outer jacket. SEOW flexible cord features TPE insulation and jacket. We offer SOOW cord in three different constructions: shielded, with bare copper, and tinned copper. SOOW portable cord is designed for heavy-duty use. It is solvent, water, ozone, aging, abrasion, and oil resistant. The shielded SOOW portable cord also features a tinned copper conductor, making it ideal for extra hard use.

Our large selection of portable flexible cords is available in a wide variety of gauge sizes, conductor counts, and constructions. The different letters in each type of service cord designate the characteristics the cord has. For example, a flexible cord with "OO" in its name means that both the insulation and jacket are oil-resistant. To learn more about what these letters mean, read our article on the subject here.