The M17 Coaxial cable is part of Allied Wire and Cable's extensive collection of Mil-Spec Wire and Cable. All M17 cables are designed and constructed according to the military M17 specifications for coaxial cables. Each MIL-C-17 cable is designed to maximize both reliability and longevity in difficult situations that those in the military might encounter.

There are several variations to the design of MIL-C-17 coaxial cables, mostly in the form of the conductor. Depending on the specific type of M17 cable, the conductor could be made of bare copper, tin or silver-coated copper, copper-clad steel, annealed copper clad-steel, silver-coated copper-clad steel, annealed copper-clad aluminum, copper-beryllium alloy, or annealed copper beryllium. The differences in versions of M17 cables can also be very small, so be sure to take a look at our product specification pages.

Some of the MIL-C-17 numbers have corresponding RG numbers that date back to the old military standard for coaxial cable. These RG numbers are now used for commercial industry applications and are not standardized, but remain close to the new M17 coaxial cable standards. For example, M17/2-RG6 replaces the RG6 Coaxial Cable.