Shielded Multi-Conductor Communication Cables are part of Allied Wire and Cable’s extensive stock of Data and Communication Cables. Our wide selection of shielded communication cables is available in the spiral shield, braid shield, rubber shield, and overall foil shields to meet your needs.

Communication Cables from Allied Wire and Cable is used in a wide variety of electrical applications, such as recording studios, data transmission, radio transmitters, intercom systems, electronic circuits, and in applications where RF (radio frequency) shielding is needed. Most data applications require the cleanest transmission possible, with little to no interference (such as RF) from external sources, to preserve the integrity of the information.

Many of these cables offer excellent flexibility and good soldering abilities. Additionally, many of them are RoHS Compliant. AWC carries only the highest quality products, as shown by the various industry approvals, such as CSA and Vertical Tray Flame Test Approvals, granted to the cables in the Communication Cable product category.

This kind of electrical cable is used to rapidly send information signals between two, often distant, points. This transmission can be accomplished by optical fibers, coaxial conductors, copper conductors, or twisted wire pairs. In today’s fast-paced, global electronic world, they are a critical part of the information system.

If you cannot find the Communication Cables you are looking for, please speak with your sales representative. We are happy to help you find and, if necessary, customize the products you need.