Our Shielded Multi-Conductor Tray Cable is suitable for use in conduit, cable tray, and direct burial industrial and utility applications where reliability and performance are paramount. Constructions three or more conductors are also permitted by NEC for TC-ER (exposed run) applications.This cable's EPR insulation and CPE jacket are both flame-retardant. It also features an overall aluminum/polyester foil shield that provides 100 percent coverage. This cable is sunlight, abrasion, chemical, and weather resistant and exhibits excellent low-temperature bend characteristics.

Shielded Multi-Conductor EPR/CPE Tray Cable Specifications

Shielded EPR/CPE Tray Cable Construction:

  • Conductor: 18 AWG - 10 AWG Class B stranded tinned copper per ASTM B-3 and B-8
  • Insulation: Flame Retardant Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR)
  • Color Code: ICEA Method 1, Table E-2
  • Jacket: Black sunlight and moisture resistant, flame-retardant thermoplastic chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)
  • Shield: 100% coverage, aluminum/polyester foil shield

Shielded EPR/CPE Tray Cable Ratings and Approvals:

  • Rated 90°C wet or dry
  • Voltage Rating: 600V
  • NEC Article 336 applications
  • Approved for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations per NEC Article 501 (TC)
  • UL 1277 Type TC-ER, UL 1581, and UL 1685 approved
  • ICEA S-73-532 and ICEA S-95-658 (NEMA WC70) rated
  • Passes IEEE 383 Flame Test (70,000 btu)
  • EPA 40 CFR, Part 261, Subpart C, heavy metals per Table 1, TCLP method