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Value-Added Services

Allied Wire & Cable’s value-added services help make your job easier by making cables easier to identify, faster to install, and tailored to your specific needs. You’ll save time and money while avoiding the headaches that come with using stock cables. See how we can help you. Learn more about our value-added services by checking out this video!

Allied can do it all!

Cut & Strip - Value Added Services

Cut & Strip

Instead of manually cutting each piece of wire from the reel, then removing the insulation from the ends, save time and money by letting us take care of it for you.

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Braiding - Value Added Services


Braiding helps add protection to avoid abrasion in harsh environments. Save time by having us braid your wire, cable, or twisted wire.

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Extruding - Value Added Services


Help protect and insulate wire in abrasive environment with extruding. Your wire will last longer, and you’ll save time and money on future replacements.

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Ink Jet Printing - Value Added Services

Ink Jet Printing

Inkjet printing marks the cable using dots of ink. This makes identification and custom branding easy. Save time in the installation process with proper labeling.

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Twisting - Value Added Services


Twisting wires cuts installation time dramatically by allowing wires to lay together well and making them easier to work with. Letting us handle it saves even more time.

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Taping - Value Added Services


Allied can add a tape jacket to your cable in order to group individual wires together creating a multi-conductor cable, as well as adding a little extra protection from wear. The end result is similar to extruding, but it is designed to perform better. Choose from a variety of materials, as well as a wide range of colors.

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Dyeing - Value Added Services


A variety of wires can be dyed to help facilitate proper identification of existing or custom installations, We can color match and dye to meet individual specifications.

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Drum Packing - Value Added Services

Drum Packing

Make your wire easy to store and unroll when needed by having us drum package it. Thousands of feet of wire (depending on gauge) can be stored on a single drum.

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Striping - Value Added Services


Wire striping makes cable identification simple. Your application will stay organized, saving you time locating wires during installation and maintenance.

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