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Wire striping makes cable identification simple. Your application will stay organized, saving you time locating wires during installation and maintenance.



When your cable has more than 10 conductors, identifying the wires quickly and efficiently is a must. With wire striping, cable identification is simple. Striped wire helps keep your application organized and saves you time when locating wires during installation and maintenance. Striped cable saves you not only time but also money. Quicker installation and maintenance means your application is up and running faster, decreasing your labor costs.

Circuit Identification

When it comes to circuit identification, most specifications only allow color-coding for up to ten standard colors: Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray & White. Although they are not included in the ten standard colors, pink and tan are also available color options.

Vertical stripes - These run straight down the length of the cable and are extruded by manufacturers.

Spiral Stripes - A more popular option, spiral stripes provide immediate identification from any angle, and are added after-market.

Ring Band Stripes - These parallel bands are not as common as the other types of striping, but are used on certain mil-spec cables, such as M27500 cable.

Striping is a common value-added service for automotive cable. In automotive wire harness applications, organization is made even easier using striped wire. Wire harnesses group the cables together in a streamlined construction, offering many advantages over loose wire and cable. They keep cables bound together so they are easier to handle and save you valuable time during installation. In addition, grouping the cables together with a spiral wrap or loom helps protect your cables from damage and abrasion.

Allied can add up to 3 spiral stripes, also known as tracers, to most wire insulations, including plastics like PVC, fluoropolymers like PTFE, cross-linked insulations like XLPE, and even nylon jacketed materials like THHN wire. We can stripe almost any size, from 4/0 to 32 AWG.

At Allied Wire, our value-added marking and other capabilities make wire and cable installation and maintenance quick and easy, saving you money, time, and a lot of hassle. Learn more about how Allied can make wire identification easy with striping and other value-added services.

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