Tray Cables are ideal for signal and energy transmission with minimum interference. Our Tray and Instrumentation Cables are sunlight, heat, and moisture resistant. They also come in multi-conductor and multi-pair styles. For applications in hazardous locations, many of our tray cables are also available with various shielding options. Generally, tray cables are used for installation in trays, wireways, troughs, raceways, ducts, conduits, and channels. We carry a wide variety of tray cables to ensure that you have the proper cable for your application.

Additional Information

What are tray cables?

Tray Cables, also known as instrumentation tray cables, are a type of electrical cable designed specifically for installation and use in cable trays or raceways. Tray cables are commonly used in many different applications such as power distribution systems, instrumentation wiring, automation systems, and control circuits. Tray cables provide an organized and efficient method for protecting and routing electrical conductors to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Common types of tray cables and their applications include:

Power-Limited Tray Cables (PLTC)

Our Power-Limited Tray Cables (PLTC) are suitable for mass transit systems and power-limited circuits. They feature PVC insulation and are NEC compliant. They are available in multi-paired, overall shielded, and individually shielded pairs constructions.

EPR/CPE Tray Cables

Our EPR/CPE tray cables cables are ideal for control and utility applications. They have flame-retardant EPR insulation and meet many UL specifications. EPR/CPE Type TC-ER cables also come in shielded or unshielded constructions, one of which comes with a ground wire.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Tray Cables

We also offer Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) tray cables. These cables are for connecting VFD systems to motors. They are highly flexible and feature either PVC or combination PVC/Nylon insulation. They are suitable for use in moving control applications and offer an extremely long service life.

Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH) Tray Cables

Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH) tray cables are also available. Our LSZH tray cables have EPR insulation and are ideal for use in lowly ventilated areas. Much like our EPR/CPR tray cables, these cables are also available with a ground wire.

VNTC Tray Cables

Our VNTC tray cables come in many constructions. These cables are perfect general-purpose tray cables and are suitable for use in direct burial applications. They come in varying constructions, including a type TC-ER version.

XLP/PVC Tray Cables

Our XLP/PVC tray cables come in various shielding options. These cables feature XLPE insulation and a PVC jacket. They are ideal for conduit and direct burial applications. They also have NEC approval for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations. They are also available shielded, multi-paired, or with a ground wire.