Consider our semi-rigid PVC cable for medical equipment and sensitive data processing applications. It is built to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions to maintain crucial signal integrity and overall cable performance.

If you are working with European-designed computer technology, data transmission equipment, or other office equipment, check out our selection of multi-conductor overall braided signal cable. These cables follow the DIN color codes required for EU-based technology. Several of our cables are available with DIN color codes in addition to standard US color codes, so be sure to check product specs even if "DIN" is not in the product heading. As with our other signal cables, these also suppress electromagnetic signal interference – something important to consider for many of these applications. For American-designed computer technology, see our multi-paired PVC signal cable products.

Whether you are searching for a cable to be used in European or American equipment, our signal cable options meet industry standards required for most applications. Many meet UL, CSA, Cenelec (CE), and/or RoHS requirements you need. Our signal cables are available in many different constructions, including multi-paired and multi-conductor, screened, braided, shielded, and wrapped versions for optimum signal protection.