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At Allied Wire and Cable, we’re committed to being as waste-free as possible. To ensure nothing goes to waste, we sell discounted wires and cables in our Bargain Bin. Our Bargain Bin contains the same top quality products we always sell but in short lengths or non-standard colors. If you have a project or application that requires an unusual length for wire and cable, or could use some extra tubing and harnessing, we got you covered. Most parts are under 500 feet, but some are over 1000 feet. 

Explore our Bargain Bin for top-quality wires and cables with even better discounts on short lengths or non-standard colors. With weekly updates, you can consistently find great savings on products under 500 feet or exceeding 1000 feet. Discover exceptional deals in wire and cable, tubing and harnessing, and benefit from our improved bulk discounts in each of the categories below.

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