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rg142 coaxial cable

Coaxial Cables are typically used for telecommunications equipment and commercial wireless applications. It is a type of transmission line, often used to carry high-frequency electrical signals. Coaxial cables send audio, video, and data signals. We offer many coaxial cables at Allied Wire and Cable that can be used for various appliances and tools.

The RG142 is a popular coaxial cable. It is commonly used in GPS, medical, and radar systems. It is well known for its high-temperature range and use in military applications.

Our Custom RG142 Cable Solution

This customer produced high-end audio cables that used magnetic conduction and needed a coaxial cable for their new design. They knew we specialized in various specialty and PTFE coaxial cables, so they approached us for help with their next application

The coaxial cable needed a standard construction: an RG142 coaxial cable with a silver-plated, copper-clad steel conductor, extruded PTFE foam dielectric insulation, an inner shield of braided silver-coated copper, and an outer shield of braided silver-plated copper. However, they wanted their company name printed on the cable and an extra personalized style.

We printed a custom marker tape with their company name and the part number on the cable and excluded the typical brown tint of the jacket— making it totally clear. The customer wanted to be sure that when their cables were used, there was no doubt where they came from.

Along with manufacturing entirely custom designs, we can also change the aesthetics of your wire and cable! If you need to modify the print or color of your standard cable, Allied Wire and Cable can help you out. Call one of our custom cable experts at 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center to get started.