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type w cable

What is Type W Cable?

Type W cable is a durable portable cord capable of supplying power in temporary or permanent wiring applications. Multi-conductor Type W cables are ideal for temporary power supply applications. Single-conductor Type W cable can also perform in portable applications but may be suitable for more permanent usage as a power cable.

Single Conductor Type W Cable

Single conductor Type W power cable can be used for permanent wiring because it is dual-rated as RHH/RHW cable, meeting the standards for a sturdy general purpose hook-up wire. This cable is rated at 600 volts when used in permanent wiring applications. Common permanent wiring applications include hoists, cranes, power supplies, and the installation of flexible power leads in conduits or raceways.

This cable’s Type W designation means it’s rated to 2000 volts for portable power systems. It’s a popular cable choice for entertainment industry applications, like in television, theater, nightclubs, and spotlight or sound systems.

Single conductor Type W cable is designed to weather well in extreme environmental conditions thanks to its CPE jacket, which is sunlight and water-resistant. This cable withstands exposure to oil, alkalies, acids, moisture, chemicals, heat, and flame, while also meeting the requirements of the MSHA and UL Flame Test.

Multi-Conductor Type W Cable

Multi-conductor Type W portable power cable has the same extremely durable, oil-resistant thermoset CPE jacket as the single conductor Type W cable. This multi-conductor cable also offers indent printing and color coding for easy identification. It is available in 2, 3, 4, or 5 conductors that are insulated with premium-grade, color-coded EPDM, and is rated to 90°C.

Depending on the number of conductors in this cable, the applications can vary:

  • 2-conductors: used in DC or AC single-phase systems where grounding is not required.
  • 3-conductors: used in AC systems where no grounding is required, or on DC systems with one conductor for grounding.
  • 4-conductors: used in two- or three-phase AC systems with one conductor for grounding.
  • 5-conductors: used in applications where separating a system-neutral from the frame ground is required.

The construction and materials used in a multi-conductor Type W cable will help determine where the cable can be used best, whether that be in light to medium duty mining applications, industrial settings, heavy-duty service for power supply, mobile and portable electrical equipment, or motor and battery leads.

Multi-conductor Type W cable can withstand severe environmental conditions and exposure to oil, acids, alkalies, heat, moisture, and most chemicals. It employs rope lay stranding for maximum flex life and has great impact resistance. The core of this cable is bound for top-notch flexibility and toughness. It is UL Type W, MSHA approved, and RoHS compliant.

This multi-conductor cable is also available in a flat construction. The flat Type W power cable is a kind of multi-conductor Type W cable that features parallel conductors constructed to lay flat with polyester tapes separating each conductor. They are insulated and color-coded with ozone, oil, and water-resistant synthetic rubber (EPDM) and are rated to 90°C. Flat Type W cable has an extra-rugged CPE jacket that protects against oil, water, and sunlight. This cable is designed for use in mobile mining equipment, drills and pumps, oil field power, battery chargers, lifting magnets, conveyors, and also as a portable and temporary power supply in areas where a grounded circuit is not required.

If you’re looking for more information on Type W cable, check out the full Type W power cable specs from Allied Wire & Cable.