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custom seoow cable

SEOOW cables are high-quality, flexible cords that have oil-resistant jackets and insulations. The jackets are water and weather-resistant and made of elastomer which makes them flexible and able to snap back into shape after being compressed.

SEOOW cables can be used for both internal and external use, as well as indoor and outdoor applications. They are most commonly used in portable power tools, industrial and commercial lighting fixtures, office equipment power supplies, construction site power fixtures, and industrial floor care equipment.

Our Custom SEOOW Cable Solution

One Allied Wire and Cable customer in the business of stadium lighting approached our sales team about building a custom cable to be used for the Braves’ new lighting system. This customer knew a SEOOW cord was needed, but the number of conductors needed to power the lighting system was available in any standard cables. Taking this into consideration, one of our dedicated sales representatives was able to help design a custom SEOOW cable perfectly matched to the customer’s needs.

The custom cable was an 18 AWG, 13 tinned copper conductor SEOOW cable with a braided shield and non-hygroscopic polypropylene fillers. The braided shield, also made of tinned copper, paired with the polypropylene fillers helped to maintain the round shape of the cable. When a cable has as many conductors as this custom cable had, there is a chance that the cable will stray from its circular shape.

Allied Wire and Cable’s custom cable experts are experienced in designing and manufacturing cables for many industries, including sports lighting. In stock, products are not fulfilling all of your wire and cable needs, get in contact with one of our custom cable experts. For more information, visit our Custom Cable Design Center or call 800-472-4655 to be put in touch with an Allied Wire and Cable custom cable expert today.