Allied Wire and Cable carries high temperature wire for applications where the wire might exceed 150°C. High temperature wire is widely used since many internal and external wiring applications are used in environments exceeding 150°C, or even 200°C. We carry high temperature wire in a wide variety of materials and configurations to suit every application. For example, MGT-1000 high temp wire and cable are used with commercial, industrial, and household ovens. TGGT custom cable is suitable for internal wiring of domestic ovens, cooking, and drying equipment, while certain styles of thermocouple wire may be used in aircraft and petroleum processing.


We have assembled a distinctive compilation of heat resistant wire to accommodate all industry essentials. Our collection of high temperature cable, thermocouple wire, and PVC thermocouple wire provides superior functioning for technologically advanced industries. Our thermocouple wire products, intended for demanding environments, are the best in the market.

High temperature thermocouple wire is flame retardant, resistant to chemicals, and excellent in high-temperature applications. Certain thermocouple wire types even have the capability to withstand environments up to 1204°C. Widely used in both science and industry, thermocouple wire continues to be a popular high-temperature wire because of its exceptional electrical and physical features.

Our PVC Single Pair Thermocouple Wire and PVC Multi-Pair Thermocouple Wire are offered in numerous styles and configurations for situations where PVC insulation may be beneficial. Other thermocouple wire types include FEP, TFE, PFA, Fiberglass, and CERAMAFLEX thermocouple wire.

You may see thermocouple wire listed as a thermocouple grade wire or extension grade wire. Thermocouple grade wire is used to make the sensing point of the thermocouple. Extension grade wire is used to extend a thermocouple signal from a probe back to the instrument reading the signal. Both types of thermocouple wire are designed and constructed for continued, dependable, long term use.

Although thermocouple wire is a commonly used high-temp cable, additional high-temperature cable types are popular for various applications. SRML, SF-2/SEW, TGGT, MGT, and FLAME 1000 Power Cable are all styles of high-temperature wire used on a regular basis. SRML high-temperature wire is a motor lead wire for hazardous locations and may be used for internal wiring of equipment in high-temperature environments. SF-2/SEW high-temperature wire has a variety of applications that include internal wiring of appliances, internal wiring of electric clothes dryers, or motor lead wire for hazardous locations. High temp wire, TGGT, may be used for the internal wiring of commercial, industrial, and household ovens, cooking and drying equipment, and more.

For more information on high-temperature wire, check out our product FAQ page.