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Meet Betty - Allied's Pink Reel for Breast Cancer Awareness


10/18/2021 Update: Bake With Betty

On Friday, October 15th, Allied Wire & Cable hosted our first-ever breast cancer bake sale, Bake with Betty. Every year, AWC continues to show support and spread awareness for breast cancer awareness month, and this year we wanted to get every Allied employee involved. The event brought a variety of pink baked goods, uplifting breast cancer decorations, and a sense of community to our workplace. The joyful energy that filled headquarters from the generous support of our employees was inspiring.

Notably, the charitable efforts and positive support went beyond our headquarters to our out-of-state offices as well. While many of our employees are spread out through offices across the country, they had no issue donating and showing support for this cause.

For the entire month of October, the National Breast Cancer Foundation is the cause that we are supporting, donating to, and spreading awareness for. This foundation strives to educate its community on early breast cancer detection techniques, treatment options, and ways to show support for those in need.

While AWC has tied its bow on “Bake with Betty”, our efforts to spread awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness don’t stop here. For the rest of the month, we are partaking in “Allied Goes Pink”, in which our employees wear their favorite pink attire on the remaining Fridays in October. In the warehouse, we have created a pink wire reel, “Betty”, for our customers in an attempt to spread love and support for the NBCF and if a customer writes “Betty” on their PO, Allied will donate a portion of the order!

Showing support for breast cancer awareness month goes beyond simply vocalizing your support, but instead involves active efforts to improve the lives of those in need.


This October, Allied Wire & Cable will be going pink in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We will be switching to a sturdy, vibrant pink reel, which we’ve nicknamed “Betty”, that is three times sturdier than its traditionally colored counterpart and stands out among the rest. It will replace one of the most popular and commonly used sizes: 12x8x5 inches. 

Throughout the past four years, Allied has donated more than $60,000 to the cause as part of our Charity Week Fundraiser, as well as through the sales of our PINK Betty reels. To add to this total, enter the word “Betty” into your PO and Allied will donate a portion of the proceeds from your order to a charity supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Treatment!

“Our pink reels bend but they won’t break,” said AWC CEO Al Pape. “They are tough just like a breast cancer survivor.”

AWC’s rollout of pink reels is one initiative of many in the company’s mission to give back to local and national communities by supporting charitable organizations advocating powerful causes. Company executives believe these pink reels will not only proudly signify the company’s partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation but raise awareness and create support to help those at every step of the breast cancer journey.

If you place an order with Allied Wire and Cable during the month of October, be sure to enter the word “Betty” into your PO and we will donate a portion of the proceeds from your order to a charity supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Treatment!