Allied Wire and Cable's parking brake cable is protected by PVC insulation and PVC jacketing. This makes our parking brake cable strong enough to withstand applications that involve a lot of heat due to friction, making it optimal for use in emergency brakes. However, this cable may not be used in applications that exceed temperatures of +105°C. While used most commonly for emergency brake systems, parking brake cable may be used in other automotive applications as well.

Automotive Brake Cable is often used to connect brake pedals or handles with the braking mechanism in automotive vehicles. Unlike the hydraulic systems in regular brakes, the parking brake, also known as the emergency brake, depends completely on this hand brake cable. When an emergency brake pedal is pushed (or when a handbrake is pulled) this cable tightens. Over time, a hand brake cable may start to corrode or rust, making it important to choose a parking brake cable that can be trusted to last through continued use.

Our BRC automotive brake cable features stranded bare copper conductors. The PVC insulation in this hand brake cable provides a temperature rating of -40°C to 105°C. We offer automotive brake cable in gauge sizes 8 AWG to 18 AWG. Like many other auto parts, brake cable size is important. View individual product specifications for nominal outer diameters and insulation thicknesses.

Allied Wire and Cable carries a wide variety of auto parts and automotive wires, including primary wire and fusible links. Many of our automotive wires additionally meet Ford and Chrysler specifications. You can view our full automotive wire catalog wire here. Have questions about brake cable? Contact us today!