Power Cable and Portable Cord from Allied Wire and Cable are available in many different constructions to meet the needs of diverse applications across countless industries. These cables serve a function that is necessary almost constantly in almost every industry: transmitting electrical power. From SOOW cord to Welding Cable, we have the selection of power cables and portable cords you need to satisfy a standard, specialized, or custom application.


Our Power Cables and Portable Cords are suitable for use in a wide range of applications. While they all serve the same function, these cables must withstand different environmental challenges including abrasion, lack of space, moisture, high temperatures, voltages, and more. We offer many heavy-duty power cords, including DLO Cable and Welding Cable. However, they are all used in varying applications. For example, DLO cables are designed for use in diesel-electric locomotives, but can also be used in power supply systems, oil and gas drilling rigs, motor leads, and shipyards. Welding Cables aren't just used in welding leads, either. They are suitable for use in applications that require a durable and flexible cable.

We offer many different portable cords or power cordages as well, including Type G and Type GC cable, Type W cord, and a wide variety of service cords. While they are all designed for portable power, they have varying constructions and applications. Type G and Type GC cable feature EPDM insulation, a CPE jacket, and are ideal for use in mining equipment. Type W Portable Cord is sunlight and oil-resistant and available in constructions with varying conductor counts.

Our Service Cord catalog includes SJOOW cord, SJEOOW cord, SOOW cord, SVT cord, and more! These cords are used in many industrial and commercial applications, including appliances and small tools, industrial equipment, construction equipment, and even marine electrical applications. This type of portable cord or power cordage is highly flexible and normally moisture, abrasion, and oil-resistant. Our SOOW cord is additionally available shielded or with tinned conductors. Voltage ratings for these cords vary on whether or not they are a Junior Service Cord.

If you aren't sure about the differences between Power cables and Portable Cords, you can read more about them here. Essentially, portable cords or power cordage are designed for temporary power while power cables are designed for long-term or permanent installation. Many power cables may even be installed as overhead wiring, exposed wiring, and in direct burial applications. If you can't find the cable you're looking for, contact an Allied Sales Representative today!

Want to learn more about Power Cables and Portable Cords? Watch our Portable Cord Video below or check out our FAQ page!