Our stock of power cables can be used for a broad range of applications. While all power cables are designed to supply electrical power, all of the places and ways they are used may surprise you. For example, DLO cables may be used in diesel-electric locomotives, power supply systems, oil and gas drilling rigs, motor leads, and shipyards. Thermostat power cables may be used in thermostat controls, heating and A/C installations, remote controls, signal systems, intercoms, and various other low-voltage applications.

You may be wondering if there is a difference between power cables and portable cords, and there is. While power cables and portable cord serve similar purposes, the important distinction is that portable cables are designed for temporary power supply whereas power cables are generally for long-term or permanent installation. Power cables may be installed as overhead wiring or exposed wiring, and may even be used in direct burial applications.

Our supply of portable cord includes SJT and SVT cableSOW and SO cordSEOW and STOOW cable, a wide selection of SJ, SJO, SJOW, and SJOOW cordsSOOW Cable, and more. These cables are used in diverse applications including appliances and small tools, industrial equipment, construction equipment, and even marine electrical applications. When used for appliances or motors, these cables are often referred to as service cord.

Whether you are looking for portable cord or power cables, remember that Allied Wire and Cable's products meet and exceed industry standards to provide the best performance possible.

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