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power cords

What are Power Cables?

Power cables are the cables that transmit electrical power in an application. They are constructed of two or more electrical conductors with a covering and used for long-term or permanent power supply.

What are Portable Cords?

Portable Cords are Power Cables designed for temporary power use.

What are the different types of Power Cables and Portable Cords?

There are many different types of power cords. They are mainly defined by their conductor; whether it's copper or aluminum, or stranded or solid. However, many different types of power cords are designed for specific applications. Popular power cords include service cords, DLO cable, welding cable, and Thermostat Wire. Other common power cords include central office power cable, Type W Cable, and low-voltage landscape lighting.

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What are Power Cables made of?

Due to their varying application uses, they often have different constructions. Different insulation and jacket materials provide different characteristics. However, all of Allied Wire and Cable's power cables feature copper conductors. Portable cords, however, often have rubber insulation and jacketing due to rubber's higher flexibility.

Which applications use Power Cables?

Power cables are used in the electric utility, industrial, and commercial markets. These cables are available in very diverse constructions, materials, and ratings to meet the needs of a very wide range of applications. Power Cables can be used in overhead, exposed, and direct burial wiring. Many are also suitable for heavy-duty use.

Are Portable Cords used for different applications?

Portable Cords are designed for temporary power supply applications, rather than for permanent installations. They are most commonly used in household appliances, small power tools, extension cords, industrial and construction equipment, lighting applications, and some marine applications. Portable Cords may also be referred to as “Service cords” when used in motors or appliances. However, some heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant cords may be used for long-term use. For example, Type W Portable Cord is suitable for use as RHH/RHW power cable in certain applications.

What do the letters on Portable Cords mean?

The letters on a portable cord indicate the cable's construction, characteristics, and ratings. For example, an SOOW cord is a weather-resistant service cord with an oil-resistant jacket and insulation. You can learn more about SOOW cable and the ratings for different Portable Cords in our Allied University article here.

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Does Allied Wire and Cable carry UL-approved Power Cords?

Yes! Many of our power cords meet UL, CSA, MSHA, RoHS, and REACH standards. You can learn more about these industry standards here.