TGGT Wire Construction

  • Conductor: TGGT features a single, stranded, nickel-coated copper conductor.
  • Insulation: PTFE Tape/Fiberglass Serving/Fiberglass Braid treated with High-Temp Saturant
  • Jacket: Braided-glass yarn impregnated with an abrasion-resistant finish

TGGT Wire Features:

  • Exceptional resistance to high temperature, abrasion, chemicals, and moisture
  • Demanding high-temperature performance
  • Constructed for flexing applications
  • Applicable Standards: Meets the UL requirements for AWM Style 5256/5196, also meets the requirements for CSA Type C3 

TGGT Wire Applications:

  • Internal wiring for commercial
  • Industrial, and household ovens
  • Cooking, and drying equipment
  • High-temperature locations in industrial processing. 
  • Wet and dry applications