TGGT Wire is part of Allied Wire and Cable’s wide variety of High-Temperature wires. Available in three different variations, TGGT Wire is meant for use in industrial ovens, commercial ovens, and other cooking equipment. It can also be used in commercial and industrial drying equipment. All three versions of TGGT Wire are rated up to 250°C, but they each follow different UL styles and have varying voltage ratings. Given TGGT Wire’s high-temperature resistance, it has wide versatility. The 250°C, or 482°F, rating allows each type of TGGT Wire to be used in industrial processing, even in hot spot locations.


TGGT Wire features exceptional resistance to high temperature, abrasion, chemicals, and moisture. It can withstand demanding high temperatures and is constructed for flexing applications. Many of our TGGT Wires also meet UL standards for styles UL 5196, UL 5214, UL 5180, and UL 5256. Many also meet the requirements for CSA Type C3.

TGGT wire is suitable for use as internal wiring for commercial, industrial, and household ovens. It may also be used in cooking and drying equipment. This flexible wire is also suitable for use in high-temperature locations in industrial processing, and in wet and dry environments.