What Is TGGT Wire?

Teflon, Glass, Glass, Teflon (TGGT) cable is a single-core, high-temperature wire rated for use at up to 250 degrees Celsius. It's primarily used for the internal wiring of high-temperature appliances such as dryers, heaters, and furnaces. The wire is flexible and suitable for use in wet and dry applications. It has excellent chemical, moisture, and abrasion resistance. TGGT wire is available in several Appliance Wiring Material (AWM) UL 758 styles with varying thicknesses of Teflon and fiberglass insulation depending upon the particular standard.

TGGT Wire Construction


Allied Wire & Cable (AWC) TGGT wire has stranded conductors made from heat-resistant, nickel-plated copper strands. The nickel-plating process reduces degradation experienced with pure copper wire, which oxidizes and becomes brittle above 200°C. A further benefit is that nickel plating improves wire conductance.


TGGT cable insulation is a non-extruded synthetic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) insulation tape covered by two or more layers of fiberglass tape. In some instances, the insulation includes a layer of ceramic tape. UL standards regulate the number and type of insulation layers and their minimum thickness.

Outer Covering

The insulation has a braided outer covering made from PTFE impregnated fiberglass.

Uses for TGGT Wire

You can use a TGGT cable for internal wiring applications where temperatures reach 250°C and in the presence of chemicals, moisture, and abrasive materials. Industrial applications include furnaces, cement kilns, glass manufacture, paint drying ovens, steel rolling mills, and severe hot spots. Commercial and domestic applications include internal wiring of heating furnaces and industrial and domestic cooking equipment. It's also used as lead wire for high-temperature halogen, metal halide, and arc lamps.

TGGT Wire Specifications

Conductor: Flexible stranded nickel-plated copper wire
Insulation: Non-extruded PTFE tape, fiberglass tape, Teflon impregnated fiberglass braided covering
Maximum Temperature: 250°C wet and dry
Voltage: Either 600 volts or 300 volts, depending on the specification
Sizes: From 24 AWG to 4/0 AWG, depending on UL style
Certifications: UL, CSA (certain types)

Types of TGGT Wire

AWC supplies four types of TGGT wire and two types of Teflon, Ceramic, Glass, Teflon (TCGT) wire, all suitable for 250°C but with subtly different characteristics.


Types of TGGT wire stocked include:

  • UL 5180: Rated for 300 volts, this wire has a layer of PTFE tape of a specified minimum thickness depending on conductor size, two layers of fiberglass serving, and an outer covering of PTFE impregnated glass or polyaramid braid.
  • UL 5196: Rated for 600 volts, UL 5196 wire has significantly thicker PTFE insulation and fiberglass serving covered by a PTFE impregnated glass or polyaramid braid.
  • UL 5214: Rated for 600 volts, this wire is similar to UL 5196 except that the PTFE tape layer is thinner, and it uses two thin layers of fiberglass tape for increased flexibility.
  • UL 5256: Rated for 600 volts, this wire has similar specifications as UL 5214 but has a slightly thinner PTFE tape layer and a somewhat thicker layer of fiberglass tape.


TCGT wire differs from TGGT in that the insulation comprises a layer of PTFE tape covered by a layer of ceramic tape. In other respects, it's similar to TGGT wire and available in two styles: UL style 5288 rated for 600 volts and UL 5331 rated for 300 volts.

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