Found: Copper Producing Bacteria?

A newly discovered bacteria could revolutionize the copper industry. Learn more about it here!

Pay Attention to Standards Marks

We've explained what standards organizations are, and which ones exist in the wire and cable industry, but how can you be sure the mark on your cable is real?  Read on to find out why it's important that you ask for proof of certification when necessary. 

QPL Warning for M23053

In the beginning of 2020, there were some big changes that took place for the heat-shrinkable tubing industry. The existing SAE-AMS-DTL-23053 Mil-Spec grade tubing is now listed in full effect per AS-23053 as a controlled, documented product per the Qualified Product List (QPL). This means that the M23053 specification is now AS23053, and in the AS23053 the call out of the material is still M23053 to have continuity between the two specifications.

New EZ-240-NMH-RA-X Connector by Times Microwave

We are pleased to announce the newest product from Time Microwave Systems, the EZ-240-NMH-RA-X connector.



What's new in ANSI/NEMA HP 8-2013?

A reference to ANSI/NEMA WC 67-2012 Standard for Uninsulated Conductors Used in Electrical and Electronic Applications was added and some internal references were removed.

HP 8 Standard Summary

The scope defines specific requirements for cross-linked, modified polyolefin insulated solid and stranded wire designed for the internal wiring of high-reliability electrical and electronic equipment. It covers 600 V (Type...

RoHS Revisited: RoHS 2

Learn more about RoHS 2 with Allied Wire & Cable's deep dive into the differences between RoHS and RoHS 2.