The XLPE/PVC Control and Power Cables are part of our line of Multi-Conductor Industrial Control and Power Cable. These XLPE cables are cross-linked or vulcanized cables. This cross-linking process creates a material that becomes more heat resistant, does not soften at high temperatures and is resistant to stress cracking and aging. Compared to PVC insulation, XLPE insulated cable has a better overload capacity and is ideal for the transmission of power due to its corrosion and moisture resistance properties.

We offer three constructions for our Industrial XLPE/PVC Cable: Unshielded Control, Shielded Power, and Unshielded Power Cable. All of our XLPE/PVC Cables have flame-resistant, cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation and a flame and sunlight-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) jacket.

Our XLPE/PVC Control Cable is unshielded and has excellent sunlight and weather resistance, as well as good abrasion and chemical resistance. Our XLPE/PVC Power Cable is a low-voltage cable, available shielded or unshielded. The cables also have good abrasion and chemical resistance. All three industrial cables meet the crush and impact requirements of Type MC cable and have a maximum temperature of 90°C in both wet and dry environments.