Sustainability in the Wire & Cable Industry

Sustainability in the Wire & Cable Industry


In the past decade, the demand for renewable energy alternatives within business practices has been steadily increasing and consumers are beginning to care more about how products and services will affect the planet long-term. The focus on cost-efficiency from a consumers’ perspective has shifted dramatically, and companies are beginning to incorporate sustainable practices within their production and distribution due to this rapid change. In the current economic climate, a company’s willingness to adapt to the demand of current market trends and adopt a green mentality may ‘make or break’ their overall success.

The goal of investing in green energy is to raise awareness of their impact on the environment, increase their social responsibility from the public eye, and diversify themselves within their industry. For companies within the wire and cable industry, eco-friendly practices throughout their entire supply chain can lead to practicable and positive results for the environment.

Allied Wire & Cable Goes Green

For the wire and cable industry, adopting a green initiative goes beyond daily sustainable practices, such as proper recycling and waste reduction. For Allied Wire & Cable, “going green” means enhancing production and distribution practices to meet global standards, and investing in high-quality renewable cable alternatives for our consumers. While the nature of wire and cable makes it virtually impossible to go 100% green, the effort to reduce environmental impact does not go unnoticed.

At Allied Wire & Cable, we take responsibility for the impact we have in our environment. We have implemented a green initiative, in which we are striving to cut down our carbon footprint, minimize waste, and reduce our negative impact on the environment overall. The implementation of our green initiative takes place in both our warehouse and office settings, as we believe that it’s important for green practices to occur company-wide. In the warehouse, we are using recycled materials within our production, and have reduced the usage of hazardous materials by 30%. In our office setting, our high-quality furniture is second-hand, recycling bins are present in every cubicle, and energy-efficient lighting has been installed throughout the entire building. In all aspects, we have taken the steps to make our business greener. Together, all of our small steps can make a positive impact on the world around us. 

The ability to reduce our carbon footprint and implement proper waste management within production practices allows our company to diversify itself within the wire and cable industry. We want our customers to know that we care about the planet, and we strive to implement eco-friendly practices within our daily operations. As a company, going green enhances your social responsibility, and shows that your values go beyond fiscal success. The positive investment in renewable energy is quite endless, and the sky truly is the limit!