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Custom SJTOOW Cable

Portable cords provide temporary power in a wide variety of applications and industries. SJTOOW cables are a type of junior service portable power cord made with a thermoplastic jacket.

SJTOOW cables are designed to provide both power and flexibility. They are suitable for use with heavy tools, equipment, portable lights, and power extensions. They have a maximum temperature of +60°C and a voltage rating of 300V (all junior service cords have a 300V rating. Non-junior service cords like SOOW are typically rated at 600V). SJTOOW cords are also water, alkali, ozone, abrasion, and oil resistant. This resistance to various elements makes them an optimal choice when powering equipment.
They can also be customized to meet individual needs.

Our Custom SJTOOW Cable Solution

One company that specialized in creating ergonomic motorized carts experienced a roadblock when they couldn’t find a cord that met their needs. However, things turned around when they came to Allied Wire and Cable for a custom portable cord solution. Because of the application's environment, this customer knew they needed oil-resistant insulation and jacketing, so at first, they considered an SJOOW cord. However, they also needed this cable to be somewhat flexible and considered an SJTOW cord as well. Luckily, our knowledgeable sales rep was able to help design the perfect cable.

This customer needed an SJTOOW cable with TPE insulation. It needed to feature a NEMA 5-15 male grounding plug on one end and an IEC 60320C13 female connector on the other. Because this is not a combination available in standard cable, it had to be a custom job. In addition to the special construction, the design also called for a custom print legend. With a little help from their dedicated account representative at Allied Wire and Cable, the customer got exactly the custom SJTOOW cable they wanted. They were pleased with the quality, lead time, reasonable pricing, and excellent service.

Do you need a portable service cord customized to meet your unique needs? Let Allied Wire and Cable design a custom cable to meet your specifications. We are able to manufacture SJTOW, SJOOW, SOOW, and more to meet UL and CSA standards. Visit our Custom Cable Design Center to get started!