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custom seismic cable

Seismic bracing systems are used to minimize movement during seismic events, like earthquakes or landslides. Seismic Cables protect environments from property damage and save lives. Seismic Bracing Systems may be used for electrical cable trays, fire sprinkler systems, plumbing, ductwork, hangers, and suspended equipment. However, they are most often used in earthquake and seismic event danger zones or in applications used underground. Many applications that use seismic bracing cables must meet strict safety requirements, so a custom seismic bracing cable is sometimes necessary.

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Our Custom Seismic Cable Solution

As a distributor for mining parts, one customer relied on Allied Wire and Cable to make a quality custom seismic bracing cable for their application. The bracing system used in this application would be used in an underground mine to assist in emergency operations. The customer knew they could not find their exact requirements in an off-the-shelf seismic bracing cable, so they decided to contact us. They were looking for a seismic bracing cable that offered color-coded and number-coded conductors, specific shielding, and drain wires. This seismic bracing cable also needed to meet UL and MSHA standards.

At the core of this UL style, Power-limited Tray Cable (PLTC) was a 3-pair 20 AWG stranded (7/28) bare copper conductor. Each pair of conductors was color-coded, one black and one white, and each pair was number-coded to stand apart from the other pairs. Each pair featured a tinned copper drain wire and was individually shielded with an aluminum/polyester foil shield. Additionally, this seismic bracing cable featured an overall continuous aluminum/mylar foil shield and additional drain wire. The application for this seismic bracing cable did not require high flexibility or high heat resistance, so the insulation and jacket were made of standard PVC to save the customer money.

When it comes to potentially hazardous work environments, stock products do not always meet specifications and safety standards. We can help you design the perfect custom seismic cable for your unique application. Visit our Custom Cable Design Center or contact us today to get started.

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