All of Allied’s primary automotive wire meets SAE J-1128, Ford, and Chrysler specifications. Products in our inventory include SXL, GXL, TXL, GPT, TWP, and HDT. While some primary wire is rated for general use, such as circuit wiring, others are used in more specific scenarios. For example, the GXL automotive wire is mostly used in trucks and trailers. SXL wire is used in applications that have a need for high heat-resistance and high-temperature performance. It is rated up to 125°C, whereas GPT and HDT are rated to only 80°C. We also carry a wide range of sizes for certain types of automotive primary wire that include 22 AWG to 4/0 AWG.

Primary Wire Customization

Allied is a value-added manufacturer and offers customization services on all of its automotive primary wire. Services include cut and strip, twisting, printing, dyeing to custom colors, and adding up to three stripes or tracers.

Unsure which Automotive Primary Cable is right for your application? Click here to watch our "All About Automotive Wire" video for some helpful information on the common types of auto primary wire and the applications it is used for.