Allied Wire and Cable offers a wide selection of Automotive Primary Wires. Primary Wire is the most commonly used general purpose wire for automotive wire connections and electrical projects. Primary Wire has a smooth surface, making it ideal for pulling through wire looms and is designed to endure the harsh conditions of a variety of automotive applications. Our Primary Wire is suitable for use in both commercial and recreational vehicles. We also carry a wide range of gauge sizes for certain types of primary wire that include 22 AWG to 4/0 AWG.

All of our automotive primary wire meets SAE J-1128, Ford, and Chrysler specifications. Primary Wire products in our Automotive Wire inventory include SXL, GXL, TXL, GPT, TWP, and HDT. Unsure which Primary Cable is right for your Automotive application? Check out our Automotive Wire and Battery Cable FAQs! You can also watch our "All About Automotive Wire" video or contact us for more information.


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What are Common Automotive Applications of Primary Wire?

While some primary wire is rated for general use, such as in circuit breakers, others are used in more specific applications. For example, GXL primary wire is mostly used in trucks and trailers. SXL wire is used in applications that have a need for high heat resistance and high-temperature performance. It is rated up to 125°C, whereas GPT and HDT are only rated to 80°C.

What is the Construction of Automotive Primary Wire?

Our TXL, GXL, and SXL wires all feature a single conductor and XLPE insulation. The conductor is stranded copper. This construction makes them extremely flexible and durable. These cross-linked primary automotive wires also have a voltage rating of 50V. Our GPT, TWP, and HDT automotive primary wires have a stranded copper conductor. However, they feature PVC insulation instead. The PVC insulation is available in many solid colors and with stripes. Both feature bare copper conductors as opposed to aluminum to ensure long cable life.

Does Allied Wire & Cable Offer Other Brands of Primary Wire?

Allied Wire & Cable partners with many high-quality manufacturers when producing its automotive primary wire, as well as offering primary wire options from other respected automotive wire brands. Some examples of other primary wire brands that Allied Wire & Cable carries are Belden Duplex Primary Wire from Belden Cable and Dearborn Duplex Primary Wire from Dearborn Wire. If you have any questions around our Primary Wire products or are looking for a particular type of wire or brand, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Does Allied Wire & Cable Offer Custom Primary Wire?

Allied Wire and Cable is a value-added manufacturer and offers customization services on all of its automotive primary wires. Both our PVC and XLPE wires are suitable for cut and strip, twisting, printing, dyeing to custom colors, and adding up to three stripes or tracers.

What are Common Options for Primary Wire Protection?

When primary wire is used in an automotive setting, it is often used under the hood, where abrasion, heat, oil, and other factors can degrade wiring over time. For this reason, enclosing wiring harnesses in looms or using heat shrink-wrap tubing can seal and preserve wiring for long-lasting high performance. Some forms of heat-shrink tubing also contain meltable adhesive inside, creating a long-lasting water and vapor-proof seal that will prevent damage or degradation of the enclosed primary car wiring.

What Other Types of Automotive Wire does Allied Wire & Cable Offer?

Allied Wire and Cable carries a wide range of Automotive Wires, including battery cable, car speaker wire, and fusible links.

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