Value-Added Services

Cut & Strip

Before a wire or cable can be installed, each piece of the wire must be cut from the reel it is on, and a small portion of the insulation must be stripped from the end of the cable. Instead of doing this manually, save time and money on installation by letting Allied Wire and Cable take care of it for you.

Cut and Strip

Wire Stripping

To facilitate your wire and cable installation, we can strip your wire for you. By removing a small section of insulation material from the conductor it covers, we can make your installation process go much smoother. Allied Wire and Cable offers wire stripping for many electrical wire products.

Wire Cutting

In order to supply you with exactly what you need and to avoid waste, Allied Wire and Cable will custom cut your cable to the exact length you require. By pre-cutting your wire in advance, you can save money on excess material and save time during the installation process.

Wire Cutting and Wire Stripping

To help your manufacturing process, Allied Wire and Cable has the capability of cutting your wire to its needed length. For no additional charge, we can also strip the insulation back. Having your wire and cable cut in advance simplifies your manufacturing process.

Curious About Our Other Value-Added Services?

Download our Informative PDF that breaks down more of the Value-Added Services that Allied Wire and Cable offers.

Curious About Other Services?

Download our Informative PDF that breaks down a few of Allied Wire & Cable's Value-Added Services.

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