We carry both TelcoFlex III and TelcoFlex IV cables, which feature environmentally friendly, thermoset rubber TelcoHyde insulation. This insulation on TelcoFlex cable is low-smoke, zero-halogen, which considerably reduces the amount of toxic and corrosive gas emitted if this cable were to be exposed to fire. It is also lead and silicone-free. These cables also feature an overall natural cotton braid that is soaked in a moisture-resistant, fire-retardant saturant.

Telco Flex standards include UL Listed Standard 44 (RHH/ST1), FT-4 Flame Test, VW-1 Flame Test, ASTM B-33, CSA AWM I B 105°C, RoHS Compliance, and REACH Compliance.

*TelcoFlex is a TM of Southwire Company.