TelcoFlex Power Cables are a durable and flexible answer to your central office power cable needs. Improved flexibility and durability make these cables ideal for applications that require cable pulling through tray systems.

We carry both TelcoFlex III and TelcoFlex IV cables, which feature environmentally friendly, thermoset rubber TelcoHyde insulation. This insulation on TelcoFlex cable is low-smoke, zero-halogen, which considerably reduces the amount of toxic and corrosive gas emitted if this cable were to be exposed to fire. It is also lead and silicone-free. These cables also feature an overall natural cotton braid that is soaked in a moisture-resistant, fire-retardant saturant.

Telco Flex standards include UL Listed Standard 44 (RHH/ST1), FT-4 Flame Test, VW-1 Flame Test, ASTM B-33, CSA AWM I B 105°C, RoHS Compliance, and REACH Compliance.

*TelcoFlex is a TM of Southwire Company.