Metal Surge: Various Metals Rapid Price Increase due to Market Demands


Over the last year, the prices for various industrial metals have been on a steady rise due to the surge in demand. Copper prices have rallied for three consecutive quarters with prices jumping to a hefty $4.73 per pound; these costs outdo the historical market prices that circulated in May 2021. Aluminum has hit another record of $3,452.79 per ton due to international traders scrambling to replenish their inventories. Over the past two years, aluminum invent...

The Trucker Protest: COVID Vaccine Regulations Causing Division on Canadian Border


COVID-19 has caused extensive economic turmoil for various industries worldwide, and it has begun to cause division within social communities. In Canada, new regulations and restrictions for COVID vaccinations have been implemented within international travel guidelines. These regulations have triggered protestation from international truckers, who feel as if their rights to bodily autonomy have been violated.

The Canadian-US border, a major international bridge that is crucial for ...

The Worker Rention Nightmare: Aftermath of the Global Cargo Crisis


Across all sectors of the manufacturing industry, many businesses are struggling to retain their workforce and find qualified individuals to fill their empty labor slots. The difficulty of employee retention circulates from the aftermath of COVID-19, as business owners are fighting to find their way back to their pre-COVID state.

While employment opportunities and labor turnover rates are at a record high, businesses struggle to find individuals that are well-suited for their positi...

Cargo Crisis: America's Broken Supply Chain


The channels used to transport imports and exports internationally across the Pacific Ocean have become indefinitely clogged and a major concern for consumers worldwide. The long-term effects of COVID-19 restrictions on the shipping and logistics industry have created a bottleneck which could affect international trade for years, creating shortages and higher prices for imported goods.

Currently, there are a record number of container ships full of cargo backed u...

Chemical & Resin Shortages


In the past year, the wire and cable industry has faced its share of challenges and now manufacturers are having a difficult time receiving raw materials required for the production of wire and cable. While precious metal prices surged six months ago, a supply shortage of resins began to appear and has now set production times of manufacturers back up to 8 months.

Due to the majority of Americans being forced to lockdown in their homes, government-mandated shut-d...

Sustainability in the Wire & Cable Industry


In the past decade, the demand for renewable energy alternatives within business practices has been steadily increasing and consumers are beginning to care more about how products and services will affect the planet long-term. The focus on cost-efficiency from a consumers’ perspective has shifted dramatically, and companies are beginning to incorporate sustainable practices within their production and distribution due to this rapid change. In the current economic climate, a co...