What are Cable Ties used for?

Cable ties pack electrical wire and cables together. Cable ties can also be used to organize and sort wire and cable.

What can Wire Connectors be used for?

Cable ties bundle wire and cable, but terminals and splices can perform as electric terminations or connections in commercial applications. Fork terminals are often used to attach wire and cable to screws. Disconnects and butt splices can be used at the end of commercial belts. Bullet connectors allow prompt connects and disconnects in applications. Blade and pin terminals are usually used as electrical terminations for a conductor.

What kind of Electrical Wire Connectors and Cable Ties does Allied Wire and Cable carry?

Allied Wire and Cable carries a variety of cable ties, wire connectors, and cable connectors for many applications. Our main products include cable ties, terminals/splices, fork terminals, butt splices, disconnects, bullet connectors, blade terminals, and pin terminals.

Are all Cable Ties and Wire Connectors insulated?

No, not all are insulated. However, Allied Wire and Cable does carry some insulated connectors and terminals.