Data and communication cables from Allied Wire and Cable provide good flexibility and superior shielding where noise rejection is critical. We distribute data and communications cables and category cables for applications such as Ethernet, voice and networking systems, and more.

Our data and communication cable line come in different designs, including multi-conductor, multi-paired, and low capacitance versions. Foil shields or foil/braid shields are also used on our cables to ensure great signal integrity and electrical performance.

If you are looking for highly reliable cat5 or Cat6 cable in custom lengths head over to ElectroWire a Genuine Cable Group Company who carries a varity of category cable in shielded and unshielded.

Whether you need Cat5 and Cat6 computer cables, flexible data cables, data transmission cables, or communications cables, we will help you find the right cable for your unique application. We also offer gray and rainbow ribbon cables, which are often used as internal peripheral wiring for computers. Our selection of computer and data communications cables also includes more specialized products such as composite cables, telephone silver satin cables, and in-flight entertainment cables.

Allied Wire and Cable's quality data transmission cables are available in a wide variety of constructions and materials to fulfill all of your computer wire and industrial equipment needs. For outstanding quality and an attractive combination of attributes, you can count on Allied's computer and data and communications cables. Visit the product links listed above to see full specifications for each of our computer cable options. If you cannot find the cables you need, please call or email

Have questions about category cables? Visit our Computer Cables FAQ.