Copper Buss Bars and the QBB Braided Tinned Copper Wire are part of Allied Wire and Cable's extensive line of Mil-Spec wire.

In general, buss bars are made of either copper or aluminum and conduct electricity in electrical distribution applications. Bus bars interconnect electrical apparatuses, which are the loads and sources of electrical power. These include distribution boards, switchboards, generators, transformers, and electrical substations. Our buss bars meet the QQ-W-343 / AA59551 federal specifications for electrical wire.

Our braided MIL-SPEC products have physical and electrical properties that cannot be outdone. They are listed as both QQ-B-575 and AA595669. The QQB flat braided wire has tinned copper strands woven and rolled flat to specific width depending on construction. Tubular Braid AA59569 wire has a tinned copper braid woven in a completely round configuration.