Security Cable from Allied Wire and Cable is available in a variety of constructions to meet the needs of different applications and environments. Allied offers shielded and unshielded cables designed for plenum or riser installation. Common security cable applications include wiring for intercoms, security systems, audio systems, background music systems, and power-limited control circuits.

National Electric Code (NEC) specifications are important to consider when choosing security cable. These standards are published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to regulate the installation of electric wiring and equipment in the U.S. They are designed to ensure that wiring is safe.

Some major NEC specifications which apply to these cables include those for CL3P Cable, CMP Cable, CL3R Cable, and CMR Cable. The CL3P and CMP security cable designations apply to plenum-rated cable. These cables are approved for use in plenum spaces: those areas used for air circulation in buildings, including the open spaces behind raised floors or drop ceilings. CL3R and CMR security cable specs refer to riser-rated cables. A riser cable is one used behind walls, traveling vertically from one floor to another in a building. Because these cables are closed off, they must comply with the NEC’s safety standards to ensure that threats commonly encountered in these spaces (such as fire, abrasion, crushing, etc.) are taken into account in the construction and installation of the cable.

This selection of NEC-rated cables is also approved by the California State Fire Marshall.

Allied also supplies Antenna Rotor cables for security applications. The polyethylene-jacketed version is approved for direct burial and outdoor installations. Our PVC-jacketed antenna rotor cables are compatible with Alliance Han/CB and TV rotors. Both products have a recommended voltage rating of 200V.