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custom pltc tray cable

Tray cables are used for installation in trays, wireways, troughs, ducts, conduits, and channels. Tray cables are also resistant to sunlight, heat, and moisture, and offer an extremely long service life, making them extra durable in different environments. Tray cables are often used in controlled environments and are usually seen in conveyor belts, grinding machines, and assembly lines.

Our Custom Tray Cable Colors Solution

Allied Wire and Cable was approached by a leader in the custom digital display industry looking for a custom cable for one of their specialized LCD display systems. The LCD display application required a custom composite cable consisting of both power-limited tray cable (PLTC) and plenum cable, a combination not already manufactured. We helped them design a plenum-rated, custom tray cable perfectly suited to their application, and offered them lower minimums and shorter lead times than they could find elsewhere.

The customer was assigned a dedicated sales representative that assisted them through the initial design process and worked closely with them on revisions of the product. At Allied Wire and Cable, each customer is provided with a specially assigned sales representative throughout the entire process to keep customers from having to explain their requirements multiple times.

This project required multiple changes to meet their evolving needs, and our sales representative worked closely with the customer throughout the entire process. In order to improve branding and facilitate part number recognition for their clients, the customer requested that the cable’s print legend include their logo and a part number. The logo made branding the cable simple, and providing the part number directly on the jacket made identification easy for the customer and internal production.

Allied Wire and Cable has plenty of experience when it comes to working with the customer personally. A knowledgeable sales representative will work with you to ensure that your custom cable design meets all your necessary requirements.

Send us more specifications for your custom PLTC Tray Cable using our Create-a-Cable form in our custom cable design center. 

Customize PLTC Tray Cable